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Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey is internationally known for her pioneer work in alternative medicine. Dr. Gladys, as she is affectionately known, says it is not about killing off a disease, but instead, it is about seeing the patient as a whole person. She believes that the practice of medicine has become a war against disease, a killing machine.  Rather than building life,  we are destroying it. Her premise is that we must change our focus from killing to living. As we support the living process in a person, life itself brings about the healing that the person needs. Our job as physicians is to work and support the 'Physician Within' each of us. Then, living medicine becomes our dwelling place.



Here is a selection of Dr. Gladys' books. To learn more, click on the titles.

INDIA: Dr. John Taylor Remembers

Budhu's Path To Enlightenment

The World Needs Old Ladies 

Born to Live

The Physician Within You

Living Medicine: The Dwelling Place

Born to Heal



Dr. Gladys gives a speech with Greg Reid, founder of The Secret Knock 



The following is a listing of articles that Dr. Gladys has written for Venture Inward, the official magazine of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.).  Venture Inward is a bi-monthly magazine that is published for the members and affiliates of the Edgar Cayce Foundation.   Venture Inward seeks to inspire, challenge, and expand human awareness in spiritual development, mystical experience, philosophy, parapsychology, and holistic health.  Click on the articles below to read them:

Wellness and Holistic Life

Planting Our Souls

Focusing on Health, NOT the Disease

The Choice for Pregnancy

Our Body Is the Temple of the Living God

Every Cell Has Regenerative Consciousness

Facing Hard Times Gracefully

‘Fire is Ever Ire’

The Journey from Head to Heart

Karma Is Just Memory

The Kurpe and Sickle and the Silver Cup

Letting Our Soul Shine

The Healing Power of Love

The Rhythm of the Rocking Chair

Why Did the Shirley Temple Doll Become Barbie?

To Know Ourselves



                                             Dr. Gladys and Foundation CEO Rose Winters