Introducing: The Village for Living Medicine
Providing the 
Best Care of Tomorrow Today

Imagine a World of Living Medicine with:

  • Services based on individuals' conscious choices and the wisdom of their physicians within;
  • Doctors free to operate from their idealism-- the passion that originally brought them into medicine;
  • Doctors expressing loving support and patients discovering Self-Love as part of the healing; and
  • Health and wholeness of individuals and healthcare systems after a generation of Living Medicine is practiced nationally.

Now, imagine all of these ideals being embraced and provided under one roof.

Welcome to the Village for Living Medicine

Our Vision

Living Medicine is the process that recognizes Love and Life as the healing forces that guide us through this process of healing. It is about seeing ourselves as 'Whole Persons,' where our individual emotional, physical, mental, and health issue parts work together to teach us and to help us to heal as the Whole Spiritual beings that we are.


The Village for Living Medicine will be the FIRST and ONLY Holistic Medical Healing Village in the United States that is a state-of-the-art prevention and health center that utilizes holistic medicine practices.  It will provide a complement of services that embraces healing along the Full-Arc-of-Life, from Birthing through End-of-Life-Care.

The Village for Living Medicine

This Healing Village will consist of free-standing buildings with their own unique purpose, but intertwined to provide the best-medicine of tomorrow-today:

Birthing Center that provides prenatal and birthing services for up to 1,000 women per year

Concierge Medical Center that includes holistic and integrative medical care

Education for Patients and Caregivers that provides a menu of educational programs and support services that work with every expectant mother to deepen the bond between mom and baby

Music Center that provides healing through music and vibration

Research Laboratory and Library

Sports Performance and Rehabilitation center

Active Aging Programs for Seniors


The Healing Village will be interconnected through collaborative partnerships that provide holistic services, hands-on education, and cutting-edge research.

The Healing Village will serve as a national model for building a more humane healthcare system that is built upon sustainability, accessibility, and affordability.



The Village for Living Medicine envisions a world where:

  • Every baby is born loved, wanted, and valued;
  • Individuals access their own inner Wisdom to age into health, rather than warring with their bodies;
  • Each person faces their own mortality as an integral part of the Circle-of-Life; and
  • Hospitals embed living medicine as the cornerstone of care, thereby improving health, reducing costs, and increasing productivity.

The Village for Living Medicine encourages self-responsibility for one's health and fosters a new relationship between the patient and practitioner. The Village for Living Medicine will offer:

  • Pre-conception, Pre-natal, and birthing services 
  • Primary medical care, including holistic and Integrative medical and support services
  • Educational services that help to support and sustain the entire family
  • Educational programs and services that support individuals as they learn to Age-Into-Health 
  • End-of-Life-Care

The Village for Living Medicine will maintain linguistic and cultural sensitivity to women's beliefs.

We need your help!

We accept one-time donations, monthly contributions, and estate gifts.

Please send us a check MADE PAYABLE TO The Foundation for Living Medicine, or make a donation online through Paypal here on our website.

You can also make a donation over the phone by calling: 480-946-4544.


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