JANUARY 25, 2020

We will celebrate Dr. Gladys' 99th birthday in late January, 2020.  You do NOT want to miss this!  It's going to be a BIG celebration with lots of exciting news and FUN!

Do NOT MISS THIS!  Stay tuned... 

  • January 25, 2020 at 5pm – 9pm

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  • Brenda Hale
    commented 2019-11-29 10:14:35 -0700
    Sending 99 birthday hugs and good vibes from Memphis!
    This sounded so much like Dr Gladys:
    Per the , a Sagittarius is positive and inclined to be pleasure-seeking, excited when you are busy, love to travel, like to meet people from different cultures. The thought of sharing new experiences with your friends and family gets your motors running as you are sure to have some stimulating conversations.

    Be Glad! from “Poems of Faith” by Helen Steiner Rice
    Be glad that you’ve had such a full, happy life,
    Be glad for your joy as well as your strife,
    Be glad that you’ve walked in sunshine and rain,
    Be glad that you’ve felt both pleasure and pain,
    Be glad that you’ve tasted the bitter and sweet,
    Be glad that your life has been full and complete,
    Be glad that you’ve walked with courage each day,
    Be glad you’ve had strength for each step of the way,
    Be glad for the comfort you’ve found in prayer,
    But be gladdest of all for God’s tender care.

    Brenda J Hale and Lora Little’s Search for God Study Group in Memphis
    the same group begun by Eileen Auxier, many years ago!
  • Marie McGee
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