Our Parents' Lifestyles Influenced Our Health, Even Before We Were Born

  Over the past decade or so, so much has been learned about the fact that we lived Conscious Lives within our Mothers' Wombs, developing relationships with our parents and their lives before we were born.  Science has also evolved in the understanding of how the genetics of our parents and their ancestry lines can affect us.  So many of these genetic and behavioral factors have participated in creating who we are today. But did you know that...  Not only are We What WE Eat... but We also are What our PARENTS Ate, even before We were Conceived? Think about the ramifications of this new understanding. Continue reading

Ultrasound...Is it Ultra-Safe?

              For many parents, few modern day thrills surpass monitoring the newest member of the family via Ultrasound prior to their scheduled arrival. Social media is awash with screen shots of parents’ pride and joy making appearances, in utero, from all corners of the globe. The question arises, is this overexposure stemming from being overjoyed or is it just a trend with (limited) benefits? Continue reading

Conscious Evolution of Love

Every mother since the dawn of time carried, along with her infant, the story of their birth. Until recent times, however, the sharing of that event was often overlooked, underplayed or talked around. Gratefully, by the late 20th century, many American children felt the freedom to ask of their parents, “Tell me about the day I was born.” The interest in and relevance of that event to the youngest among us was an indicator of a growing awareness; how our birth-into-being enhances the connection to one another and to our own self-realization. Continue reading

Maltreatment Can Affect Gene Activation

Scientists have known that when children are maltreated or neglected early in life, they can develop many emotional and health problems. Continue reading

Recognition from the Womb

We humans are NOT the only species that can recognize voices and individuals from the womb! Continue reading

Inheritance from Mom

Did you know that many of your behaviors were inherited from your mother? They are "imprints"… imprinted from YOUR experiences in your mother's womb. And 3+ decades of perinatal and prenatal research prove it. The period between shortly-before-conception to after-birth shapes our mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral patterns for life. Continue reading

PostPartum Depression Among New Mothers

Studies are discovering that postpartum depression is more widespread than originally thought. Continue reading

Poor Support for New Moms

Believe it or not, the United States is only one of THREE countries in the world that does NOT require "paid maternity leave" of any form for new mothers.  Specifically, the U.S., Oman, and Papua New Guinea are the ONLY three countries that do not require that new mothers be paid cash benefits during their maternity absences. Continue reading

Rising Costs of Having a Baby

Did you know that the cost of having a baby is the most expensive area of ALL medicine?  Not only is US childbirth the highest cost in the world, but even in the U.S., pregnancy and childbirth hospitalization represents THE most expensive area of medicine.  This makes the $97 Billion per year childbirth expense a KEY contributor to the $3 Trillion per year costs of Health Care. Continue reading